Natuevo began its journey in 2012, when the first Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller was planted in the old organic almond tree fields of the Fetokakis family, in the small village of Vasileoniko on the Greek island of Chios. We have stayed on that path ever since, always focusing our cultivation and production on sustainability and self-sufficiency, leaving the smallest ecological footprint and following the natural rhythm of evolution.
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organic aloe vera juice
We created our organic aloe vera juice recipe as the most direct and natural way to drink aloe gel and fully enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this special plant. Aloe has been part of our diet since ancient times, helping our digestive system work properly and thus contributing to a strong immune system. The added ingredients of lemon and mastiha oil provide anti-oxidant and anti-microbial effects, but also a hint of the flavours and aromas of the island of Chios. We will be glad to welcome you to Vasileonico and guide you through all the stages of production of our juice, from harvesting the leaves at sunrise to sealing the last bottle in our laboratories at dusk. All done at a small scale, using manual labour techniques and infusing the entire process with the best of ingredients: love.